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Yes. A job resume is not a legal contract so there is zero possibility of any legal harm to you by using our services of providing a fake job references to a potential employer.

Every form of contact is noted in your Member Profile and a brief summary will be sent to you via email.  Pro Members will receive text notification as well.

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When a recruiter or potential employer makes a inquiry on your behalf, your reference provider will have all the information he or she needs listed in your secure, password protected Member Area at workreferences.wildapricot.org

We do not guarantee you will land the job after a successful reference inquiry has been made.  There are many other factors involved in the hiring process.  Our service is to provide you with a verifiable resume that brings you more interviews.  More interviews is the ticket to more job offers and landing that job!

Our members privacy is always well protected to the maximum. Your real name, address, phone number or any other identifying piece of info will be kept between WorkReferences and you only.

(Check out our privacy and confidentiality links at the bottom of the page)

Our Terms of Service allows up to 3 business days.  However, most of the time your order is processed in 1 business day.

USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and portions of the EU.  (Some Countries Require Additional Fees ) 

 If an employer does not call your references but you received the job, it is likely your employer may call during your probationary period.  Since we provided you phone numbers, email addresses and reference providers to be on standby and answer any inquiries on your behalf, we fulfilled our obligations listed in our Terms of Service.

Your Weekly or Monthly Subscription keeps your phone numbers, websites/emails active and a live reference provider on standby to answer any employer inquiries on your behalf.  Once membership ends, everything is deactivated or archived unless you make arrangements with WorkReferences before hand.


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