My team and I will answer calls as your employer, co-worker, or landlord LIVE! 100% Secure, Safe and Discreet.


1 Reference Consultant
$ 199
99 Setup fee
  • 1 Reference Consultant
  • 1 Phone Number
  • 1 Gmail/Outllook Email
  • + 30 Days Answering Service

Pro Plus

3 Reference Consultants
$ 399
99 Setup fee
  • 3 Reference Consultant
  • Company Websites
  • 3 Company Emails
  • Phone Numbers w/Company Caller ID
  • + 30 Days Answering Service

Plus Plan

2 Reference Consultants
$ 299
99 Setup fee
  • 2 Reference Consultants
  • Company Websites
  • 2 Email Addresses
  • 2 Phone Numbers
  • + 30 Days Answering Service

Additional Services With Membership

Custom Name Reference

You provide first and last name
$ 100 One-time Charge
  • Phone Number
  • Custom Voicemail
  • Email Address

Pay Stubs

$ 100 One-time Charge
  • Verifiable
  • Company Logos
  • 24 hour Turnaround

Employment Letters

Company Letterhead & Signature
$ 100 One-time Charge
  • Verification
  • Recommendation
  • Emplyee Contract


Our Registered Companies Only
$ 100 One-time Charge
  • EIN Nuumber
  • Official Format
  • 24 Hour Turnaround

Beat the Bots

Optimize Your Resume for an ATS
$ FREE With Membership
  • Get more interviews
  • Measure your impact
  • Pass knockout questions.

Full Resume Service

Allow 3 Business Days
$ 300 One-time Charge
  • Verification
  • Recommendation
  • Emplyee Contract

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Your weekly subscription allows us to register real companies with realistic websites, email, phone numbers with caller ID and have our live reference providers on standby to answer any employer inquiries on your behalf.

Phone numbers are a large part of our expense.  To help lower costs, once you unsubscribe, your phone number(s) will be disconnected and no reference provider(s) will be able to pick up calls on your behalf.

You will also need to RESUBSCRIBE  AT FULL PRICE if you cancel your subscription.

Most of our members have used family and friends as references in the past and here are some issues they found.

  • Unprofessional tone/environment
  • Vague responses
  • Very scripted
  • Not having info available at time of call
  • Plus many more

Any of these can result in a withdrawn job offer.

Many employers conduct a Background Check during your probationary period which in many cases are 90 days to a year.  

WorkReferences is dedicated to providing our members premium job references THAT WORK!

Every Reference Provider has over +5 Years experience and can anticipate the questions before being asked by hiring managers and recruiters.

We can't guarantee you will get the job because there are many intangibles involved other than professional references.

HOWEVER,  We will provide a full refund if you were denied employment in a official email, stating the reason was due to the responses from your references provided by WorkReferences.

Advanced Answering Services
(DBA WorkReferences)

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