My team and I will answer calls as your employer, co-worker, landlord LIVE! 100% Secure, Safe and Discreet.

We're Pros!

Our team consists of former IT Professionals, Engineers and HR Professionals who can provide you with the references you need to put you ahead of your competition.

Why Use Our Services?
1. It Works! We’ve Helped Hundreds Get Jobs!
2. We’re Pros! Our Team Are Industry Insiders and HR Professionals!
3. Discretion: We Are 100% Secure, Safe and Discreet.

Employment Verification

We will verify title, start date, pay ($), status (Part-time/full-time, eligible for re-hire.

Professional References

We will act as your current or former supervisor and provide outstanding references on your behalf.

Custom References

Already provided a name with a previous employer? Our answering service will act as your former supervisor under the name you provide us.

Landlord References

We will act as your current or former landlord with our Property Management company.

Calls Answered Live

Calls are answered according to the script you provided in your profile on our secure member area that only you have access to.

We Find Your Success was launched in 2021 by William Schmidt who also Founded CareerExcuse in 2009. William bringing his 14 years’ experience in providing professional references that have landed jobs to thousands of members and changing their lives forever. William and his staff are dedicated to bringing affordable work references that work for the disadvantaged job applicants throughout the world.

Yes. A job resume is not a legal contract so there is zero possibility of any legal harm to you by using our services of providing a fake job references to a potential employer.

WorkReferences cannot answer any call in the name of your former employer.  However, we can still provide professional references on your behalf as former supervisor or co-worker from your past employer.

Every form of contact is noted in your Member Profile and a brief summary will be sent to you via email.

Advanced Answering Services
(DBA WorkReferences)

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